Animals of the MLS

We've got a curious treasure hunter for this week's featured pet on Animals of the MLS. Are they trying to figure out where they buried that chew toy their owner gave them the day prior? Is that a possible mid-afternoon snack they've just happened upon? Perhaps a strange cat got in to their yard and decided to use it as a litterbox. Whatever the case may be they are on the job! They'll figure out what it is they're looking for even if it means spending the entire afternoon pacing around the backyard sniffing everything in sight which might have included the agent taking this photo!

Regardless of what has the attention of our four-legged friend one thing is for sure; They don't care about the agent taking pictures of their domain at this moment in time. Whatever they are being distracted by is certainly more important than a stranger with a camera. This appears to be a friendly pet as the agent doesn't show trepidation being in the backyard with them. However, as always, it's a good idea to remove the animal from the premises or have them kenneled for showings. There are many buyers who are uneasy around animals even if they are docile and more