Animals of the MLS

This weeks featured guest on Animals of the MLS seems a bit perplexed as to the whereabouts of the agent snapping photos of their domain. It would appear our canine companion is unaware of the perched photographer overhead. He was most assuredly very welcoming at the front door when the agent arrived. He probably did his typical investigations of the visitor and then proceeded on about his doggy business only to realize the company had vanished. This breed appears to be of the retriever variety and those types sure do love to search out what it is their owners want them to rescue or reclaim.  Maybe his animalistic instincts have kicked in and he's on a search mission to find the foreigner.  

His ears and tail are perked up showing he is definitely intrigued as to what is going on. Perhaps the real estate agent taking this photo was uncomfortable around our four-legged friend and didn't want to risk sharing the same backyard space. This type of dog is usually very family friendly, however, you just can't predict what an animals reaction will be when a stranger enters their midst. It is always better to either have a pet kenneled or taken out of the home altogether if possible when showing a home that is listed for sale. Some buyers and even some real estate agents will not view a home with a pet more