Animals of the MLS

We've got one thirsty pup on this week's edition of Animals of the MLS. It doesn't matter whether it's hot or cold outside. When dogs need a drink a pool is just one big water bowl to them. Now in the human world someone striking an unsuspecting pose near a swimming pool with their back to a possible prankster is ripe to be pushed in to that large body of water. It's a good thing this pooch doesn't have any such friends around to take advantage of his precarious position. 

I somewhat feel sorrowful for our four-legged friend because by all accounts, this entire backyard has been sealed under rock and mortar. There's no cool grass to roll around in or trees to sit under and enjoy the shade of a spring day. I have to imagine the owners needed to take their family pet on multiple daily walks so they could relieve themselves on a surface other than solid stone. Having access to jump in to a refreshing pool whenever the mood strikes them somewhat makes up for a lack of sod to spread out on I suppose. 

As for the picture of the backyard itself there isn't a lot to boast about. You can tell that the pool is larger than the camera captured but it still leaves the viewer to question just howbig it is. The plants and shrubbery seem to have been trimmed for the photo shoot and the patio furniture is straightened and in order but there's really nothing too inviting about this space. All of the stone on the ground give the backyard a very cold, unappealing, and lifeless aura. There are some buyers however, that would view this as an attractive no-maintenance option to a home which could be ideal for some individuals lifestyle. 

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