Animals of the MLS

This week's featured pet on Animals of the MLS is a goliath among the domesticated animal kingdom! Bullmastiffs can reach weights upwards of 130 lbs. Their bark can be menacing and their presence can be extremely intimidating to unwelcome guests. However, I'm sure if you ask any owner of a Bullmastiff they will most assuredly tell you their precious pooch is harmless. But their position on the subject is biased. This poor guy just wants inside. He is longing to be a part of the activity going on in his domain and he appears extremely saddened and puzzled as to the reason he has been relegated to the backyard.

Bullmastiffs are known for their big, meaty, slobbering jowls and large "leavings". I can only imagine the amount of cleaning that needed to be done to the inside and outside of this home to prepare it for sale. This is a prime example of why it is best to remove a pet from the home for any showings if at all possible. There are many buyers uncomfortable around other people's animals especially a creature of this size and might. There is a case that can be made for a specific picture of this family pet to be uploaded to a listing as a warning to agents or buyers who may attempt to show the home without the proper notification. Although I wouldn't particularly feel sorry for anyone who tried to skirt the system and show up unannounced only to be greeted by this behemoth, I still would not want any negative ramifications to happen because of it. 

As for the picture itself there is so much going on I can't even focus my eyes on any one aspect of the room. The lighting is dark and dreary giving a cramped feel to this space. All of the flat surfaces are cluttered with either home decor or needless items. The dog bowl on the floor certainly isn't a staging prop that any potential buyer would feel adds to the ambiance of the home and should have at least been removed for the photographs. Overall, this picture gives you the feel of a dark, dirty, cluttered room with a massive animal peering in from the outside. Not exactly great selling points when you're listing a home.  

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