Animals of the MLS

We've got two peering pooches being featured in this weeks Animals of the MLS. These guys got the boot when the real estate agent came to take listing pictures for this property. Being relegated to the backyard likely meant plenty of play time for this duo, however, curiosity is getting the better of them as they try and figure out just who is the stranger among them. Ears and tails are perked as they both contemplate how to get back inside so they can check out this visitor and see if perhaps they wouldn't mind playing a little fetch or tug-o-war after they're done snapping photos. 

This is a common combination of canine companions. We have the larger breed who looks to be a German Shepherd and we have the tiny tail-wagger beside him who no doubt is an energetic, spark plug that is the catalyst for plenty of playtime endeavors. I can only imagine that these two do almost everything together including patrolling the yard for unsuspecting alley cats, digging holes to hide their latest toys, and sounding the alarm when the neighborhood children walk by after school. Their posture in this picture is neutral and non-threatening, however, that doesn't mean they should not be kenneled or completely removed for showings. A lot of potential buyers are uncomfortable with large breeds while others may be distracted by the constant barking in which smaller breeds are famous. 

As for the picture itself there's absolutely no reason in my determination that this photo should have been included at all in this listing. The only items being highlighted are the outdated table from the mid-80's, the brass fan, and the linoleum flooring that all look like they should be in the home of a retiree in Florida.  The picture gives no depth to the space being shown so it's impossible to decipher just how big this dining space is or what it's connected to in regards to positioning in the home. The walls are bland, the room is bland, the space is cramped, and there's two sad dogs staring at you from the sliding glass door. How the agent thought this was a proper photo to assist in the selling of this home is beyond me. 

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