My Simple Christmas Decorations

Some bold and brave individuals go all out for the Christmas season. As soon as Thanksgiving is over they rummage through their basements and attics to drag out the dozens of boxes full of lights, ornaments, bows and bells. They'll spend hours climbing ladders to decorate every inch of their home both inside and out. I applaud the dedication and commitment it takes to adorn an entire household with Christmas flare. However, I've never been one to participate in that level of holiday spirit.

Don't get me wrong, one of our family traditions around Christmas time is to load up in our car one evening and drive around our favorite neighborhoods to partake in the viewing of other people's festive displays. But as for me and my house, we enjoy a more simple and feasible approach to our Christmas decorations. A few weeks before the big day we go out to our garage and bring in the few boxes we have filled with red, gold, green, and glittery adornments. As with most families we all have our favorites and it's always fun to reminisce each year about where we got them and why they are special to us. 

We decorate our staircase banister with red ribbon, pearls, and this giant gold bow. It's a festive way to ascend upstairs each night. 

We replace the candles in this wall-mounted candle holder with little red and gold ornaments. This is hanging between our front entry room and the main living area so anyone visiting will walk right by it. 

Since we don't have a fireplace we hang our stockings in the corner of our living room and place our miniature Christmas tree with lights beneath them. 

Although we don't throw caution to the wind like some and spend days or even weeks putting up our Christmas decorations there is no doubt that when you enter our home you know full well that we enjoy the holiday season as much as everyone else does!