Animals of the MLS

This weeks Animals of the MLS is a day late due to all of the hustle and bustle of Christmas week. But never-the-less we appear to have a forlorn-ed feline who although may look despondent certainly seems comfortable resting in what is not doubt their favorite spot to relax. There are usually two different varieties of cats a real estate agent will encounter when entering a property. There are those kitty's who will scamper right up to you and immediately start to beg for attention, and then there are those who will tuck tail and hide underneath the nearest bed frame the moment you step one foot inside of the residence. This cozy cat does not seem to be bothered at all with the stranger amongst them taking photographs of their domain. 

If we use a little imagination we can almost pretend the agent caught this furry friend deep in thought. I'm sure they have plenty of scenarios to play out in their head about all the birds on the fence that got away. Perhaps they are having a self-reflective moment trying to decide whether or not it's time to give up the cat-nip cold turkey once and for all. As an agent who has listed hundreds of homes with animals the one thing I do know is that a home being listed for sale with a cat will drive away some buyers due to extreme allergies. Showing a photo with a cat present will automatically eliminate a certain amount of potential home shoppers without them even stepping one foot inside of the property. It's always best not to have animals or humans displayed in listing photos and if you are going to sell a home with a pet present, ensure you've thoroughly deep cleaned your home to help alleviate the possibility of any potential allergy sufferers from not viewing your house for sale. 

As for the picture of the living space it's cluttered, cramped and tacky. The alcohol bottles as a chosen adornment make this home immediately seem cheap and tasteless. I certainly understand if a homeowner has a wine rack display highlighting their favorite reds, blushes, and whites. However, there's a style and a theme that can be portrayed to go along with wine culture and decor. Simply having bottles of cheap liquor as a featured decoration item on a fireplace mantle give a potential buyer the feeling that this home is being taken care of by a clan of fraternity brothers who have yet to grow up in to adulthood. The plain white walls give no life to the room and the 20 year old dusty silk plant adds to the sense of shabbiness. If your listing photos make your home appear cheap then buyers won't be lining up to pay top dollar for your residence. 

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