Animals of the MLS

Last weeks Animals of the MLS featured two best friends taking a dip in the pool but this weeks edition is quite the opposite. It appears we have a cat that is unwilling to give up their nice, warm, and comfortable resting corner for the sake of this property listing photo shoot. Tucked up all cozy and relaxed our kitty companion is more than willing to wait until the agent is done with their pictures before drifting right back off to sleep for the afternoon. Some cats would have scampered underneath the bed for safety as soon as any stranger got withing earshot but not this domesticated feline. 

I've been startled by many a scurrying cat while walking clients through a home. One minute you're pointing out the upgraded counter tops and the next minute you're jumping up in trepidation as the resident household tabby cat speeds by in a panic over the intruders present. I've also been happily greeted at the door by plenty of kitties looking for a good head scratching. This one seems to be the latter since our bed dweller here doesn't appear to be afraid of the visiting agent in their presence. There should always be a warning to those who wish to view a property for sale if there is a cat in the home not only to spare a scare but to also ensure there isn't a dramatic escape attempt during an entry or exit of the home.   

Now on to the picture of the bedroom itself. It seems to be clean and in order yet there's plenty that could have been done to bring life to this otherwise dull space. Aside from the hotel room type decor nothing about the room is a particular selling feature. The brown carpet, brown walls, brown door, and brown tile all add up to a boring and monotonous place to lay your head down at night. This room is in dire need of professional staging. I appreciate the abundance of natural light coming from the open and over-sized window but what good does it do to illuminate an area so bland? A colorful floor rug and a warm, welcoming accent wall in a complimentary paint scheme to match the owners design style would do wonders in making this master suite more desirable. 

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