Be a Fountain not a Drain

We all know "those" people. The co-workers at the office that will draw you in to a 30 minute conversation every time they see you when time is sparse and you have a million things to do. The neighbor who you avoid so that you don't have to listen to their never-ending tales of despair as their life always seems to be falling apart around them. The individuals who work the system to get every single hand-out available to them without any real plan to ever get back on their feet. They are content with simply letting the world around them provide for their needs. There are plenty of individuals and situations that drain not only our own personal time and energy but also threaten to drain the very systems put in place to help those down on their luck. I'm certainly not advocating that we turn our backs on anyone who isn't going to be serving a selfish purpose in our lives. But it occurred to me that as a society we need more Fountains and less more