What I learned in Real Estate this week - 7/5/15

As I sat down earlier to write about what I learned in real estate this week I found myself drawing a blank. It's not as if this week was different from any other week. It had it's ups and downs. There were meetings with clients. I had a few scheduled one on ones with two of my agents to talk about monthly goal setting and prospecting. The sit down I had with a local lender to discuss some networking ideas went well. However, there wasn't anything specific that stood out to me which would warrant an entire blog post. 

I got up from my keyboard and carried on about my day. It's been unseasonably cool and cloudy here in Arizona today. That is if you consider around 100 degrees a moderate temperature, which for Arizona in July, it most certainly is. Aside from the Fourth of July and my daughter's birthday this week has been relatively predictable and, dare I say, uneventful...read more

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