Land for Sale in Gilbert, Arizona - Half Acre to 1 Acre lots

Before the economic recession purchasing a parcel of land to build your personal dream home was within reach for many people. Once the real estate market began it's free fall, land lost severe value along with everything else. Some land owners got stuck holding on to lots that were worth only half of what they originally paid. Others were able to cut bait, take the financial hit, and unload their sinking asset. 

Those who hung on to their land in hopes of the market recovering are now finally seeing their lot values rise. Gilbert, Arizona has seen steady increases in land and property values since 2012. Land owners are now beginning to realize they may be able to list their lot for sale after all these years of waiting. This is good news for those that have been wanting to escape the confines of traditional new build homes and branch out to have their own custom home made to their exact more