Dalmatians aren't born with Spots and Neither are You

Did you know that Dalmatians are not born with their signature spots? They get their spots as they grow and mature. Each dalmatian puppy gets their spots at their own pace as nature intended. Their patterns are unique. Some have more spots than others yet their health and wellness is not dependent upon the markings, whether they be in abundance or sparse. 

Generally speaking, successful entrepreneurs and business owners are much like the dalmatian. They come in to the world of commerce like the many others that came before them. Their dreams and ideas were cultivated in the womb of thought and preparation before thought gave birth to action. 

Every professional grows and matures at their own pace. Some walk quicker than the rest of the litter while others stumble as they learn how to navigate the ground below them. There are those who are naturally gifted with the confidence and ability to venture out from the herd the first chance they get. Meanwhile, the not so self-assured take a little more time to wander from safety...read more

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