Learning from past advertising and marketing mistakes

We live in a world where advertisements and marketing campaigns are being thrown at us all day, every day. Companies are constantly attempting new and inventive ways to catch our eyes and ears from the minute we get up to the time we lay our heads down on the pillow at night. If corporations could figure out a way to beam information about their products directly in to our dreams I'm sure we'd all wake up with overwhelming desires to purchase any number of new and unnecessary items. 

It's getting increasingly more difficult for small business owners to catch our piece of the consumers attention. We don't have the plus-sized budgets that big companies have at their disposal to advertise across all media platforms, at all times of the day, and over the entire Country. As technology increases allowing for individuals to fast-forward, skip, and shut out much of the advertising that is thrown their way this also adds to the frustration of small businesses trying to tout their services to the masses...read more

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