Animals of the MLS

Back to the canine variety with this week's Animals of the MLS. Here we have a very large but content family pet relaxing the day away on the back porch. If this guy were human I'd imagine him kicking back on the patio furntire with a nice cold beverage in his hand enjoying a cool afternoon breeze. It seems as if he doesn't have a care in the world by the looks of this picture. He certainly doesn't seem to have any animosity towards the agent taking pictures of his backyard domain.

Every animal has their favorite spot to lay down and I bet this little corner is his. He's a big fellow however, and I bet the agent made sure to advise potential buyers of his presence. I certainly hope he was crated or taken for a walk during showings as large breeds can make some individuals anxious and uneasy in spite of his otherwise calm demeanor being displayed more