Animals of the MLS

We went from featuring three canine companions last week to only one in this weeks Animals of the MLS. Who doesn't like a good afternoon nap? This little guy seems to be enjoying exactly that when his slumber was interrupted by an impromptu photo shoot. He was probably dreaming of chasing cars, barking at cats, or playing tug-o-war with his owner when his world came crashing down by being awoken to a stranger coming in to his house. Can't a worn out pooch get any rest around here?  

His cute little ears are perked up showing he is definitely intrigued as to what is going on.However, he's not inquisitive enough to move off of his cushy and inviting dog bed. Trust me, I feel the same way when I wake up sometimes! These small breeds of dog can be deceiving when it comes to showing a home with an animal present. They may seem small in stature but at times they can be the most distracting with their incessant barking. No matter the size of the animal it's always best to either remove them or kennel them for showings. You never know what potential buyer will be hesitant to view your property if they know an animal is at the more