What I learned in Real Estate this week - 9/6/15

You all know the phrase, "If you love someone let them go. If they come back it was meant to be". Well this holds true for not just romantic or friendly relationships. It is also applicable for real estate. I was referred to a client over eight months ago. She was a pre-approved buyer ready to make her first splash in to the pool of home ownership. Our first few meetings were typical. We established her wants, needs, desired locations, and budget. Armed with her enthusiasm and my expertise we set off on our home hunt.

The first few times out looking at homes she was like any other first time home buyer. Wide eyed and sometimes overwhelmed with all of the information she needed to process with each house we visited. Even though I was taking her to properties that matched most of, if not all of, the requirements she laid out for me there seemed to still be a disconnect. She wasn't finding what she thought she was looking for in a home. Week after week I would send her homes I felt were a good fit and time after time we'd go view the homes with no success...read more

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