Animals of the MLS

There is a miniature bear featured in this week's edition of Animals of the MLS! Chow's are known as having aggressive personalities and can grow to very large sizes. Although our furry friend seems to be more curious than combative in this particular instance that doesn't guarantee an amicable encounter with prospective home buyers as they tour this home for sale. It doesn't take much to trigger a dog's natural tendencies when introduced to a new and unfamiliar situation such as having multiple strangers invade their domain. Perhaps this agent was literally backed in to a corner by this family pet and quickly snapped any picture they could get before running for safety as this picture doesn't seem to show there was much time to capture a better representation of this homeowner's backyard. 

I've listed hundreds of homes with animals and it can be a tough conversation to have with a seller to let them know their beloved beast may not be adored by home shoppers. Homeowner's who think of their pets as a member of the family can have a difficult time understanding that to sell their property it's usually best to have their domesticated companion kenneled during showings or have them completely removed from the property altogether. This holds especially true when the breed of animal has a reputation such as a Chow, Pit bull, Rottweiler, and the like. 

As for the picture of the backyard itself, I've shared some down right dreadful photos in this weekly series before but it's been a while since I was almost rendered speechless. What can I say about a backyard that is as desolate as the Arizona desert itself. Two plastic chairs, a garbage can, and an empty planter certainly does not give visions of the ideal entertainers dream space. Even if a potential home buyer was looking for a simple and easy-to-maintain outdoor space this isn't even close to fitting that description. What we have here is a blank canvas and hopefully was billed as such. However, at the very least the agent should have instructed the homeowners to remove the junk and weeds so that it truly could have been described as a clean slate waiting for the new owner's personal touch! 

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