The Most Expensive Home sold in Gilbert, Arizona last week

The most expensive home that sold in Arizona last week was a $4 Million dollar new build in the popular Scottsdale subdivision of Silverleaf. Unfortunately, there wasn't much information to be had or pictures to be viewed of the property. I write this weekly blog as an information piece for my followers and I want it to be entertaining and educational. Since there was not a lot data to share about the actual most expensive home that sold in Arizona last week, I decided to write this week's blog about the most expensive home sold last week specifically in my area of Gilbert. There are two communities in Gilbert, Arizona that have a man-made lake created to allow for water skiing; Playa Del Rey and Crystal Point Estates. I've written blog posts about both of these communities in the past (Water Ski Lake Communities in Gilbert, Arizona) and as luck would have it, the most expensive home that sold in Gilbert, Arizona last week was located in Playa Del Rey. 

Gilbert, Arizona isn't specifically known for our luxury home market, however, there are a number of subdivisions that carry high price tags if you wish to become a resident. This home in Playa Del Rey may not seem like a high-end, affluent property, but try convincing a boat lover of that. If you own a boat in Gilbert and enjoy recreational water activities the nearest lake is almost an hour away. The process of getting your watercraft hitched and prepared for the drive, waiting in line at the loading zone to get in the water, then re-hitching and driving home can be a nuisance even for the most avid water enthusiast. Owning a home in Playa Del Rey eliminates the need for all of that hassle. It's hard to put a price on that sort of convenience. I'm positive the new owner of this home is already dreaming of those hot Summer days that are soon to be in their future, and their ability to jump in their boat to enjoy a new found freedom out on their private water ski lake. Click on the picture below for the full MLS listing:

Location: Gilbert

Size: 3,553 sqft

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 2.5

Lot size: 9,933 sqft

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