Animals of the MLS

It may take you a few seconds to find the furry friend featured in this week's edition of Animals of the MLS but rest assured, he sees you! Nothing is getting by this curious canine. Although not brave enough to venture near the real estate agent taking the pictures of his domain, he simply can't resist keeping an eye out on the activities happening around him. This is exactly the type of dog you can bet creates frenzied activity and vocal provocation anytime there is a ring of the door bell or a knock on the front door. Certainly not mighty in stature, our Chihuahua companion most likely makes up for his lack of size with speed and energy. I'm sure this little guy keeps his owners on their toes!

Although the Toy breeds don't often intimidate us humans with their physical prowess, they can be a major distraction when it comes to a stranger entering in to their home. Incessant barking can be just as bothersome to a potential home shopper trying to get the lay of the property. These smaller breeds can also be aggravating to younger children as they are easier to jump up on. This all goes to the point that any animal, no matter how big or small, should be either kenneled or completely removed from the property for any showings to minimize the potential disturbance to a buyer. 

As for the picture itself, I don't even know where to begin. There isn't a single reason I can think of as to why this photo was used to highlight this property. First and foremost it's so out of focus how can anyone decipher the kitchen features or lay out of the rooms attempting to be highlighted. The picture is slightly tilted which could have easily been corrected, but then again, it's so dark what would that have mattered? Right in the middle of the photo is a giant hurricane-type alcoholic beverage container one would purchase at a Mardi Gras event or off of the Strip in Las Vegas. The last time I checked, over-sized, plastic cocktail containers weren't a highly sought after and recommended staging or decor item. As a real estate professional it's pictures like this that make me shake my head in disbelief at the level of service some consider acceptable to provide for their clients. 

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