Animals of the MLS

This week's edition of Animals of the MLS features a lazy tabby who doesn't care what is going on around them as long as their favorite lounging spot is available. There's no way this kitty was going to move for anything other than feeding time and possible to rub up against some legs while purring the day away. This feline is showing the photographer/agent that this is their territory and they won't be easily whisked away. 

There are generally two kinds of cats when entering a property to show prospective home buyers. The first variety will greet you at the door and give you a guided tour of the entire residence room by room. The second kind will run away as fast as they can as soon as they hear the key being inserted in to the lock. They'll be hidden away until everyone has left, or perhaps be scared out of their hiding spot only to startle an unsuspecting home shopper. As an agent, knowing a cat is going to be present in the home can make you a little nervous as they have a tendency to try and escape out of the home more often than dogs. Extra vigilance is needed to guard exits. 

As for the picture of the living area itself, there aren't many redeeming qualities in which to speak. First off, the pattern on the couch is so busy it distracts from what little positives there are in this room. Secondly, and still having to do with the couch, it's the only decorative design piece in the entire picture. This home is in serious need of professional staging. The area itself doesn't appear to be very large to small, functional furniture should have been used to showcase this space as well as some colorful but neutral wall art.  

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