Animals of the MLS

It's been quite a while since time did not permit me to get this weekly post out but last week was just too much of a whirlwind for me to write it. However, this week has been much more manageable. In this week's edition of Animals of the MLS we have a curious and inquisitive little guy who has been relegated to the backyard for this particular photo shoot. Clearly confused as to the reason they have been exiled I bet this poor pooch is hoping their attempts at begging at the backdoor will pay dividends. 

Instead of exploring the backyard for forgotten buried treasures or barking at a passing neighborhood vehicle, this four-legged family friend has decided to set up camp and keep an eye out on the visitor to their domain. Of course with their water dish being just out of reach on the other side of the glass they could also be waiting for someone to let them inside so they can quench their thirst built up from running around chasing stray cats off of their fence. Whatever the case may be, this cute canine was hopefully only confined to his outdoor prison a few short minutes until the agent was done photographing their domicile.

As for the picture itself I feel dizzy just looking at it. I understand why it was taken as an attempt to showcase the full scope of the open floor-plan, however, it was better in theory and didn't deliver the desired results in the end. Although you can tell the homeowner did make somewhat of an attempt at organizing their possessions the area still looks cluttered. Almost every flat surface in this picture has some sort of item taking up that space. What good does it do touting an open concept floor-plan if you can't properly showcase it to potential home shoppers when they step in to the home? I would have advised the homeowner to more thoroughly de-clutter these rooms and I would have used a wide-angle lens to broaden the scope of this kitchen/great room. 

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