Animals of the MLS

One look at this week's featured pet on Animals of the MLS and you can't help but feel bad for this poor, downtrodden doggie. Our four-legged friend could not be more disappointed about the current situation he finds himself in. You can almost hear violins playing a melancholy musical in the background. If this miserable mutt had the ability to grasp a tin cup he would certainly be clanging it across the bars of his pooch penitentiary.

Although the sorrowful look on the face of this cherished family animal is enough to make you wish he was free to roam, this is actually a good example of what sellers should do when potential home buyers schedule a showing. Of course having your animal kenneled still does not guarantee they'll remain silent when strangers enter, it at least goes a long way towards providing a safe environment in which your home can be viewed. It's always best to have animals completely removed from the premises when able to do so as this completely eliminates any possible distraction due to the presence of a pet. 

As for the picture itself I'll be completely honest. It's actually not that bad. Usually the pictures which end up on the MLS that include an animal are bottom-of-the-barrel and amateurish to say the least. However, this photo shows a very clean, organized, bright, and open dining space. The only suggestion I would have made to this agent to make this photo better, besides removing the cage and animal, would be to completely open up the drapes covering the sliding-glass door. This would have allowed for a little more light to enter the room and would have given an indoor/outdoor living appeal. 

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