Animals of the MLS

We've got two penned pooches on this week's edition of Animals of the MLS. Our four-legged friends don't seem to appreciate being locked up and confined to this backyard prison.  I'm guessing on any normal day these two companions roam their territory free to terrorize any neighborhood tabby that happens to dare sit on their fence. I bet after many spirited games of tug-o-war they lounge around during the afternoon in the shade or inside on their owners favorite furniture. I'd venture to guess that the bigger dog lets the little one win every once in a while just to help his ego. 

Having two animals to kennel can be quite burdensome when putting your home up for sale. Each time your agent calls to let you know of an interested buyers intention to view your property, gathering up your family pets can seem like a hassle. However, understand that not all individuals are fond of furry creatures. There are those that have an actual fear of dogs or cats and will not even include your property on their list of possibilities if there are animals present. Kenneling or removing pets is the best way to provide a safe viewing experience for a potential home shopper. 

As for the picture itself this is yet another example of a non-professional photo that was not worthy to be used as a marketing tool to sell this home. Other than highlighting the fact that this home has two resident animals and showing that the owners have installed a pet fence this photo does nothing to enhance the sale-ability of the property. I can't remember ever having a client purchase a home because of a designated dog run being available so this area of the yard certainly did not need to be singled out as a desirable feature of the home. There is little reason to have even taken this picture let alone upload it to the MLS and include it in the listing. 

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