Animals of the MLS

This week's featured pet in Animals of the MLS seems a bit surprised to find themselves in a photo shoot. It's as if they stumbled in to the room freshly awakened from their afternoon nap only to find a stranger with a camera snapping pictures of their domicile. They seem caught between wanting to go lay back down and the desire to go sniff out the unfamiliar guest. The look on this furry friend's face could also be conveying the message "Wait, you didn't get my good side. Let me turn around so you can take the picture again."

It's also a rare treat to have both an animal and a human being represented here in this MLS mishap. You would have thought the agent could have politely asked the homeowner to take a few moments out of their busy day to get up from the couch and vacate the area. Perhaps the seller was unaware that they were being photographed. I'm trying to grasp at straws and give the benefit of the doubt, however, the bottom line is neither the pooch nor the person apparently felt like moving. I can't imagine anyone involved with this listing could have possibly been happy with this sub-par representation, yet this picture found it's way on to the MLS and forever attached to this property's marketing strategy. 

As for the picture itself I don't even know where to begin. There just is no redeeming quality about it. If there were a perfect example of what not to do to prepare a home for the open market this picture represents every aspect. Every blind or window treatment in the room is shut creating a very cave-like atmosphere. There's a hodge podge of decor which is haphazardly displayed. The television is on and the entire left side of the photograph is so blurry and distorted it's hard to grasp what exactly it is we're looking at. This is no way to professionally represent a home seller. 

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