Animals of the MLS

We have a curious kitty in this weeks edition of Animals of the MLS. This tabby just couldn't help but check out all the action around the agent snapping photos of their home. I bet they especially wanted to keep an eye out to make sure their cat house in the corner was not messed with by this picture taking stranger. I imagine many a lazy afternoon is spent perched high above the floor sleeping the day away in their specially made kitty clubhouse. It's also situated right by a window so our four-legged friend can keep an eye out on the neighborhood and make sure no strange dogs or squirrels get in to their yard.  

I've said it before that there are two types of cats when you are showing a home. There are the ones who will immediately run up to you and start begging for attention by rubbing against your legs and meowing until they convince someone to pet them. Then you have the kind who will be hidden away out of sight either behind a couch or under a bed. You'll never know they are there unless they get startled and suddenly run away nearly giving you or your clients a small heart attack. I get the impression that this featured feline loves attention and would follow you from room to room giving you a personal tour of the home.  

The actual picture itself isn't as bad as some I've seen on the MLS but it could have been a little better. I like that the windows are open providing a lot of natural light to the area. This gives the room a more spacious feel. The homeowners did clean and straighten up the furniture so it appears organized and inviting. The one aspect that I think was missed was all the extra clutter. There's multiple lamps and end tables. This could have been reduced down to one. The entertainment center is massive for this small space and is filled with unnecessary decorations. Getting rid of the bulky desk and shelving unit and rearranging the chairs to make this room into more of a reading or sitting area would have been a better way to sell this space in my opinion. 

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