Animals of the MLS

I wish I had a rabbit to feature in this Easter weekend addition of Animals of the MLS but I've got a disinterested doggy instead. There is definitely something on the other side of that wall that has captured his full attention and pulled him away from investigating the stranger snapping photos in their own backyard. If I was a betting gal I'd venture to guess that there is a rival just beyond that brick barrier who receives daily announcements about the dominance of our featured four-legged friend. I can only imagine the hours spent each day exchanging barks as each pet contends for neighborhood supremacy. 

As a homeowner myself who is surrounded on all sides by dog owners I've spent many a day and night listening to those extremely important canine conversations that begin as soon as one instigator decides it's time to rile up the rest of the gang. Once the chorus of barks and snarls begins there's no telling just how long each exchange will last. It usually ends when their owners bring them back inside or perhaps when something of more importance catches their attention such as a stray cat on the wall or when a passing pedestrian strolls by prompting a momentary shift of thought. Either way, this mangy mutt couldn't care less about the agent taking photos and instead is singularly focused on a very important task in his world. 

As for the picture itself it's a barren wasteland of dirt, weeds, and broken down children's playground equipment. If you're not from Arizona, you would think that this is a very unkept and uncared for backyard. In reality, more yards look like this than you'd expect. It takes a lot of water to grow grass and other vegetation in the desert and some homeowners simply don't want to add the expense to their monthly budget so the backyards remain desolate. That certainly doesn't mean a yard like this should have been highlighted as a part of the online marketing for this property. It also doesn't mean the homeowners couldn't have removed the unsightly and disheveled slide and swing set. Also, as if the picture wasn't bad enough, the agent neglected to turn off the camera's date stamp giving this photo even that much more of a sophomoric and unprofessional feel.  

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