The Most Expensive Home sold in Arizona last week - 3/29/16

I think the best way to describe the most expensive home that sold in Arizona last week would be to say it has a modern southwestern design. The exterior is reminiscent of a quintessential Arizona Santa Fe style home. The flat roof, smooth stucco finish, jagged but straight lines, and neutral brown tones are all of what you would expect from a luxury property situated here in the desert.  The use of flagstone, natural rock, and native vegetation around the perimeter of the property also add to the feel of a what residents in other states must visualize when they think of Southwestern architecture. Even the pool was designed to compliment the shape and style of the main residents as it shows off the same jagged yet straight lines and is surrounded by natural desert stones and plants. Situated right at the base of the famous Camelback Mountain range in Phoenix there are endless mountain, sunrise, and sunset views to be had in the years to come. 

The modern style is more seen on the interior of this luxury home. The southwestern version of white-washing was used on the wood plank ceilings, cabinets, and other wooden accent pieces. Contemporary glass light fixtures, fans, and finishings blend these two worlds together which isn't easily accomplished. Built in the year 2000 this was the first time this home was sold by the original owners. It took less than two months to find a cash buyer so clearly this combination of style and architecture struck the right chord with the new owners. They say it only takes one buyer to fall in love with a property. Click on the picture below for the full MLS listing:

Location: Phoenix

Size: 5,726 sqft

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 5

Lot size: 44,052 sqft


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