Animals of the MLS

We've had mostly pets of the canine persuasion in Animals of the MLS lately, but this week shows us a friendly feline who isn't afraid to be front and center. Cats can be hit and miss when it comes to entering in to a property where they dwell. You have the neighborly variety that will run up to greet you and perhaps rub against your legs a few times in an attempt to coerce you in to scratching their head if only for a brief moment. Then you have the skittish types who will run away and hide as soon as they hear the front door being unlocked. Clearly this tabby is ready for their close-up and unafraid of the agent snapping pictures of their domicile.  

Having cats as pets when you're attempting to sell your home can be tricky. They aren't like dogs who can be easily kenneled for the most part. I've been an agent long enough to have cats scurry out the front or back door as soon as it's opened and lead both myself and the potential buyers on a wild chase to track them down. I've also been startled half to death by a fleeing feline that seemed to come out of nowhere in an attempt to seek shelter from the invading strangers. Neither scenario help sell a home. It can be a major distraction and leave a negative impression on a home shoppers experience in the home which is the last thing a seller wants to happen. Unless your pet can be completely removed for showings or placed in a secure area so as to not interfere with a buyer walk through it's always a possibility that your pet could be a hindrance to a home sale. 

As for the picture itself it seems as though the agent used a "fish eye" lens to capture the entirety of this space. While I understand the motive behind using such a lens all it succeeded in doing was to create a blurry, rounded photograph that doesn't highlight either of the room's selling features. A wide-angle lens would have been a much better choice along with clearing out the clutter stacked against the wall in the walkway and of course convincing our furry friend to move out of the way.  

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