Animals of the MLS

Finally back to the feline variety in this week's Animals of the MLS. This kitty appears to have been captured contemplating life and it's meaning. Just what sort of reflective thoughts are running through the mind of our concerned cat? Perhaps they're envisioning all of the backyard birds they let slip through their paws. They could also be wondering if today's the day they seek help for their catnip addiction because it seems to be getting out of control and it's tearing the family apart. Whatever the case may be, I bet after sitting on the counter deep in thought this tabby laid down for a long afternoon nap to rest their weary head. 

I don't know if it was planned out or not but it's not often a homeowner can expertly design a kitchen around the color of their pet. Everything in this picture seems to match the cat. The granite, the tile floors, the cabinets, the chairs, the table, and even the decorative ceramic pig on the counter all share the same color scheme. I've heard of pet owners being obsessed with their animals but to decorate a house based upon them is taking matters to a different level! All kidding aside I would bet some serious cash that this kitty greeted potential home shoppers as they entered the house and gave them a personal guided tour around the interior. They seem right at home with the agent snapping photos and I can't imagine they would suddenly have stage fright with any other stranger who would enter their domain. 

As for the picture itself, besides the contemplative kitty, it's a little blurry and too narrow a scope to grasp the entire space. It's certainly a clean and neutral room but a wide angle lens would have done wonders for showing the entirety of this kitchen. This is also a perfect example of when you should use a stager to warm up an otherwise bland and lifeless area of the home. There needs to be more color to bring some pizzazz to an area of the home where a lot of time will be spent. Overall this isn't the worst Animals of the MLS photo I've seen but a few extra touches could have made it much better.

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