Animals of the MLS

It would take a person being blind to miss this weeks featured pet on Animals of the MLS. I'm not sure whether to pet this massive mutt or saddle up and ride him. All kidding aside, I bet he's a gentle giant as Great Danes tend to be. This breed of canine is known for it's pleasant disposition towards other animals and they also handle children with care. It's no surprise to me that he didn't get out of the way to accommodate for this agent's photo shoot. If I was that big, once I found a relaxed and comfortable spot to lay down, I probably wouldn't move either. It takes a lot of effort to shift that much weight. 

This is also a classic example of why it's important, as homeowners, to kennel or remove your dogs to allow potential buyers to view your property. Although Great Danes have a reputation as calm creatures, not everyone will feel at ease around such a big animal. Great Danes also have a booming bark. If this household companion was home when buyers came knocking, in his excitement he could easily and accidentally scare away a qualified buyer with his vocal prowess. Especially if the would-be home shoppers have little children in tow with them. The adults may be able to handle this domesticated dog but frightened kids may just convince their parents to move on from the property without even getting a good look. 

As for the picture itself I personally feel as if the agent posted this photo on purpose and for a good reason. I come to that conclusion because I've actually done this myself on occasion when the situation warranted full disclosure of an animal at the residence. Usually these types of pictures posted to the MLS are a sign of an unprofessional or inexperienced service being provided to the sellers. However, I fully believe the agent uploaded this picture as a warning to any other agents or buyers who may have attempted to view this property without getting proper approval from either the listing agent or homeowners. On very rare occasions providing visual evidence of a rather intimidating animal can be beneficial in the long run to avoid any misunderstandings or complaints that individuals were not properly warned before entering the premises. 

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