Animals of the MLS

We've got a blurry basset hound in this week's Animals of the MLS. This old fella looks like it was a chore just to walk all the way in to this room so that the could sniff out this stranger. The gray snout would indicate this seniors best days could be behind him but instincts still run strong and he wasn't about to let this agent go without a thorough investigation. Basset hounds are friendly, easy going dogs that get along well with other animals and children. In spite of it's short stature, however, these canines can weigh up to 80 lbs and deliver a boisterous bark which can be intimidating to potential buyers viewing a home. 

Although almost universally known as likable and sociable, a basset hound is a great example of why a homeowner should consider completely removing their pet during showings. Even if our companion was kenneled but allowed to remain in the home there's no doubt his excitement would get the better of him when buyers entered his home and they'd be greeted with a chorus of booming woof's which could intimidate a potential home shopper to the degree they might not even feel comfortable touring the property. Sellers should do everything they possibly can to make their home a comfortable and inviting atmosphere setting the mood for a positive showing experience. 

As for the picture itself, it's blurry and dingy. In spite of the blinds being open this room is still cave-like and dimly lit. The dark furniture and tile certainly don't help in lightening up this space but the first improvement I would have made would have been to eliminate the small forest growing in the corner. Not only does that plant overpower the room but it blocks a lot of the natural sunlight attempting to enter in through the open windows. When it comes to clutter, I've seen worse. However, a few items in this space could have been stored away to allow this room to breathe just a little more. Using a wide angle lens also would have shown this room's size much better. As it stands, a potential on-line home shopper doesn't get the full scope of this space based upon this photo. 

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