Animals of the MLS

We have another front and center four-legged family friend featured on this week's Animals of the MLS. The amount of curiosity bound up in this pint size canine could fill the room. They're just dying to check out what this agent is doing in their domain! If dogs could talk this one would be begging and pleading to be released so that they could thoroughly sniff and investigate the picture taking stranger. If you notice, there are two kennel's present but the smaller one is too enclosed to tell whether multiple mutts are being imprisoned to allow for this photo shoot. 

Many homeowners with smaller animals such as this one would opt to keep them free to roam during a home showing because of the perceived innocent nature of modestly sized pets. However, a cute and friendly dog can be a negative distraction. Potential home shoppers are there to view your property. You want them to carefully examine and explore each room and all of the wonderful features your home offers. This process can be interrupted by a pet's begging for attention or constant barking. Would you rather a buyer remember your home as a possible match for them or how needy and/or disturbing your pet seemed to be? It's always best to either completely remove your dog from the home if at all possible or have them kenneled to minimize their impact on a home showing. 

As for the picture itself I personally feel as though this laundry room needed to either be cleaned, straightened and updated, or not featured in the listing at all. Unless there is a particularly special selling feature of a laundry room most potential home buyers don't need a visual example. An agent should certainly specify where the laundry room is located, i.e. inside, outside, upstairs, or downstairs but laundry rooms are generally an afterthought for most people when it comes to single family homes. As long as there is one included most buyers won't be disappointed that there wasn't a photo included on the listing. If you are going to feature your laundry room, however, make sure it's organized, clean, and presentable. 

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