Animals of the MLS

It might take you a minute to find the pet featured in this week's edition of Animals of the MLS. Is he a peeping Tom or is he a curious George? In either case, this doggy desperately wants to be a part of the action going on inside of his domain. Clearly of the Basset Hound variety he lacks the limbs to elevate his view enough to get a clearer idea of what this agent is doing snapping photos around his property. All he can do is sit and ponder the reasons why he has been assigned to the backyard instead of being able to sniff out this photographers reasons for being there. 

If the yard is as empty as this home is I feel a bit sorry for our furry friend. Whether he be inside or outside it doesn't seem like there's much to entertain a pet around this place. I'm sure he takes his fair share of morning, afternoon, and evening snoozes, but what's a pooch to do when he's craving a good game of fetch or tug-o-war but there's no ball or rope?  There's always the tried and true staples of gazing through the front window and barking at passing cars, mailmen or neighborhood cats, as well as chasing your tail. Both of those activities could suffice and pass the time if there's no other form of play available. 

As for the picture itself, it's not as egregious as others I've featured in this series. Overall, the lighting is good and it showcases the kitchen and dining area well. However, one major flaw I see is the ceiling damage by the air conditioning intake. Whether that be water damage from a leaking shower, toilet, or sink directly above the kitchen or if it was caused by something else, the fact remains no buyer wants to walk in to a home and immediately see what could turn out to be a major concern. Perhaps as an agent of more than 18 years I'm conditioned to see these issues when they present themselves in photos but it's a pretty obvious problem that sticks out like a sore thumb against that stark white ceiling. This might be a difficult conversation to have with a homeowner, but in my opinion, this damage should have been repaired before placing this home on the market. You only get one chance to make a first impression on buyers viewing your property. Don't let that impression be of a damaged, worn-down, and un-cared for home. 

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