Animals of the MLS

Sometimes in life you get so tired that not even a stampeding herd of wild buffalo could get you to move. This week's featured pet on Animals of the MLS looks like he's old, tired, and comfortable enough not to worry about anyone taking his picture or even invading his space. The only sign that our furry friend cares one bit about the agent snapping photos is his one curious ear raised in the air. The rest of his body is settled in for a long snooze on his favorite area rug. Just about the only circumstance that could possible get this rotund canine to move may just be breakfast and dinner. He certainly doesn't look like he's missed many meals and his beefy body tells me he isn't one for taking long walks around the neighborhood. 

If you've been in real estate as long as I have you've undoubtedly also come across a few owners that mirror our lackadaisical lounger. It's one set of circumstances that lead a seller to remain at the property during a showing but it's a whole different scene when you're touring a home for sale and the owner is kicked back, relaxed in their favorite recliner half asleep watching their favorite television show. Walking in on a lethargic and sleepy dog certainly isn't as awkward as viewing a property with an owner present but I'd rather not deal with either one. If at all possible, sellers and their pets should vacate the premises during home showings. Potential buyers want to visualize themselves and their possessions in a property and having either animals or homeowners present can often time be a distraction which prevents an emotional connection. 

As for the picture itself, it does absolutely nothing to show a home shopper a selling feature of the home. To begin with, the photo isn't even level. Tripods and editing software could have easily corrected this aspect of the picture. Secondly you can tell by the window that this photo shoot was done at night leaving the room dark and dingy even with all of the interior lighting turned on. A wide angle lens would have also done wonders in opening up this kitchen area since it seems to be slightly narrow. Besides the editing, camera lenses, and lighting there also isn't any life to this kitchen. It's drab, boring, and bland. Some professional staging could have provided color, and character to this otherwise monotonous space. 

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