Animals of the MLS

My weekly Animals of the MLS blog post had to take a one week hiatus while I was away at church Summer Camp last week but we're back in the saddle (pun intended).  We've got a floppy eared and curious dog racing in to check out the scene in this week's Animals of the MLS. He can't get there fast enough to ensure this strange, picture taking agent is a friend not a foe. I'm sure our furry friend zipped around the corner at such a trot that the agent didn't have time to pull back and reset for the photo, however, how it ended up still loaded on to the MLS as a marketing tool is beyond me. A cute picture none-the-less this photo never should have made it on to the listing. 

This is a great example of why animals should be kenneled or completely removed from the home during showings when your house is listed for sale on the open market. Going off of the assumption that this hustling hound is friendly, if he's that enthusiastic about entering a room when a stranger comes calling, then I bet he'd also be excited enough to jump and beg for attention. Small children, elderly clients, individuals with pet allergies, or just home buyers who have a fear of animals could be very disturbed at the sight of this dog running towards them. As well intended as he may be, this pet could be a major distraction or complete turn-off to a potential home shopper who may not feel comfortable viewing a home knowing there's a chance they could encounter this beloved member of the family.

As for the picture of the room itself it's bland, boring, lifeless, and doesn't do a thing to help drive buyer interest in purchasing this home. The sectional couch cuts off and divides the room so you don't get the full scope of size or functionality options of the space. A professional stager could have certainly added some splashes of color to help bring this room to life by adding wall art, a few decorative pieces to the entertainment unit and perhaps even a small throw rug. Any or all of those extra touches would have made this space a whole lot more appealing than it appears here. 

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