Animals of the MLS

We've got a triple threat team of fabulous Fido's coming at us in this week's edition of Animals of the MLS. The first two friends are easy to spot but we only get a blurred glimpse of the hindquarters and tail of the third pooch in the lower left corner of the photo. Clearly the agent taking this picture happened upon a playful time of day as the tennis ball chew toy is proudly being displayed and not more than a few inches away from one of the family pets. I'm sure that tennis ball never gets a rest with these three around the house. 

Having one rambunctious pet can be hard enough to keep calm. Add a second animal in to the mix and you're sure to have constant commotion and energy. Once there's three dogs in the same house you can pretty much throw out any chance of tranquility and peace. I bet this agent had a pretty hard time getting her job done while fending off all their requests for being pet, played with, and being interactive. If there were ever an example of why a homeowner would need to remove animals for potential home buyers, this would be it. Imagine a buyer attempting to view this property with their agent only to have these three excitedly barking and completely distracting a home shopper from the task at hand which is to be deciding whether or not the property itself is a good fit for them. That wouldn't be easy in an environment with three playful pooches. 

As for the picture of the room itself I don't even know where to begin. In plain, layman's terms it's absolutely dreadful. I don't even know what I'm looking at here. Is it the living room? An open concept dining area? Who knows? Why are there chairs up on top of the table? There's no artwork or home decor to add life or warmth to the space and the cold, bland tile wouldn't inspire anyone to desire purchasing this home. All in all this was a terrible representation of not only the room, but the property as a whole. This house was in desperate need of professional staging and professional photography so that the homeowners could put their best foot forward and get the most money for their property when it came on to the market. 

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