Animals of the MLS

We have a sad but curious looking doggy in this week's edition of Animals of the MLS. Front and center, our family friend is definitely checking up on the agent taking pictures of their domain. He could also just be waiting for someone to throw his ball or perhaps grab his chew toy and play a good old fashioned game of tug-o-war. Either way, this pooch is in a position to survey what's happening and make sure everything is on the up-and-up. 

Not a very large breed of dog, this animal's size certainly isn't imposing, however, smaller dogs can be more vocally intimidating than their more size-able counterparts. That being said, it's always best to completely remove pets from the premises if possible for showings or at the very least have them kenneled. There are still plenty of individuals who are afraid of dogs and might not even include your home on the list of possibilities if they know a dog is present.  

As for the picture of the room itself, I can only assume it's a second story loft based upon the railings, however, the photo does nothing to showcase the space other than to show a potential buyer how much clutter and over-sized shelving will fit in the room. Personally, I can't take my eyes off of the onslaught of disorganized books to even notice much else about this room. This space is dark, cluttered, uninviting, and doesn't do anything to entice a potential home shopper to envision themselves living in and enjoying this loft area.  

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