Animals of the MLS

There's a twist in this week's edition of Animals of the MLS. Usually this weekly series shows a domesticated pet in it's home environment. However, we have a special fowl friend to feature in today's post. If you've been on YouTube or watched television shows dedicated to online viral videos you've no doubt seen multiple home made clips of geese or ducks attacking unsuspecting children and adults alike who are either just trying to enjoy a day outside or perhaps attempting to feed these usually peaceful animals. 

In an attempt to show this neighborhood's community amenities, this agent certainly put themselves in a position to end up as an online viral video. It does not appear as if this rather large duck appreciates the presence of a person snapping photos of their park and pond. Just maybe this duck is used to being fed scrumptious snacks from the surrounding residence and is on it's way to beg for an early afternoon lunch, but I've been around these situations enough to know it's certainly not worth sticking around to find out if this wild animal is friend or foe. 

As for the picture of the room itself, when you're listing a home for sale and the subdivision in which it's located has wonderful community features, it's our duty and job to showcase these to potential buyers so that they can get a feel for the area and what it might be like to live in this community. Normally these Animals of the MLS photos highlight the worst possible pictures that were taken of a sellers home and used as unprofessional marketing materials, however, this week is an exception. Aside from taking a photo without a large white duck charging at them, highlighting this park is a perfectly acceptable use of time and can go a long way in showing home shoppers the type of lifestyle they could expect if they purchased a home for sale in this subdivision. 

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