Animals of the MLS

We have an exhausted feline friend in this week's edition of Animals of the MLS. I don't think a herd of stampeding buffalo could get this kitty to move from it's napping spot. However, with all of that comfortable looking furniture in the room why they would choose to lounge on the ground is a question to consider. Unless this pet has been banned from reclining on the household sofa there are much more comfortable places to sleep.  

Even as this kitty is clearly docile and doesn't feel the need to run away at the sight of a stranger taking photos of their domain, you can see that they still have their eyes open and are curious as to what exactly is taking place.  There are two different reactions that cats have to stangers. One is to run for the hills as if their life is in immediate danger. The other reaction is to cozy right up to the new human as if they've been best friends for a lifetime. When you view a property knowing there are cats present you have to be prepared for either scenario.

As for the picture of the room itself, it doesn't give you much to go on as to what space you're even looking at. There's a small railing in the distance so this could either be a picture of a basement or a first floor living room space. Whatever the case may be, this photo doesn't help define this room for anyone. This is a perfect example of why it can pay major dividends to have a professional stager evaluate your property before putting it on the market. This room seems to be clean and has decent space but there's nothing about it that inspires a potential buyer to view themselves living here. Re-arranging furniture, adding light and some hints of color and personality would go a long way in showing a home shopper the potential of this space.

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