Animals of the MLS

We have a super happy hound in this week's edition of Animals of the MLS. This little pug appears to be up for anything as he follows this real estate agent around his property to give a personal guided tour. I'm sure he's showing her all the great spots to lie down in the shady grass and pointing out the best places in the yard to run around and bark at the sound of passing cars and neighbors. If this agent played their cards right, I just bet he even shared with them a few secret spots where he's hidden toys and buried treasures in the ground! 

Even as this smaller breed of dog is not known to be aggressive these little ankle biters can still do damage to an unsuspecting home shopper if, in their joy, they jump up or begin to bark excitedly. This could scare away any individuals that have a fear of dogs, the elderly populace, or small children that aren't comfortable around animals. That's why it's always best to either have your dog kenneled for home showings or completely remove them from the premises but taking them for a walk or perhaps to the park while a potential buyer is contemplating purchasing your home. 

Most of these Animals of the MLS pictures are some of the worst photos and poor choices for marketing a home. However, the picture of this yard isn't half bad. The homeowners have at least taken care to have this space cleaned up and landscaped so that it gives a potential home buyer the impression that this property has been well cared for which can go a long way in easing their minds as to the condition of the home they are thinking of purchasing. A little photoshopping would have easily removed Fido out of the picture so as not to be a distraction. Another improvement that could have been made would have been to use a wide angle lens to give the yard more depth and width. Overall, there have been much worse pictures uploaded to the MLS that were used to "showcase" a home for sale. 

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