Animals of the MLS

This week's edition of Animals of the MLS brings us an older but curious canine who just wants in on a piece of the action. Our furry friend is definitely showing their age so for them to travel all the way over to where this agent is taking photos just goes to show how much of a social creature they really are. The gray whiskers around it's face and nose are clear indications that their best and most playful years are most likely behind them, however, I'm sure they still find plenty of time to run, play, and explore both inside and outside. 

Although this family pet would appear to be docile just patiently waiting checking out the scene, it's still in the best interests of buyer to either kennel your pets during home showings or completely remove them if possible. Every animal owner thinks of their pets as friendly and non-threatening, however, not all individuals are animal enthusiasts and may still be intimidated at the thought of viewing a property with a pet present. 

As for the pictures of the backyard porch area itself there are some major improvements that could have been done to make this space more appealing and inviting. First of all, I'm sure there is a better time of day that this photo could have been taken in which the sun would have shed more light on the area making this picture much less dark. Secondly, stepping back and taking this photo from farther away and using a wide angle lens, this picture could have given the appearance of a larger more open entertainment space. As it stands now this photo doesn't give a buyer the full scope of possibilites that this backyard patio space could provide. 

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