Animals of the MLS

This week's edition of Animals of the MLS brings us a happy hound eager to be a part of the photo shoot going on in their home. The moment this agent walked through the front door I can only imagine this curious canine walking from room to room following along side every step of the way. The friendly demeanor and posture of this four-legged friend would put most people immediately at ease and the agent probably spent many moments side tracked on the task at hand to stop and give some attention and plenty of belly rubs along the way.  This picture shoot most likely took twice as long as usual due to the frequent pet sessions which undoubtedly occurred. 

Although this family pet would appear to be docile and happily checking out the scene, it's still in the best interests of buyer to either kennel your pets during home showings or completely remove them if possible. Every animal owner thinks of their pets as friendly and non-threatening, however, not all individuals are animal enthusiasts and may still be intimidated at the thought of viewing a property with a pet present. 

As for the pictures itself there aren't many redeeming qualities to see here. The agent's personal belongings are front and center which is unprofessional at best. The horde of magnets on the refrigerator are an eyesore. There doesn't appear to be much counter space available which can be a major turn-off for some buyers, however, the amount of clutter present takes away all doubt as to just how much space there is actually is. Removing most of the items for this picture and with the help of a stager this kitchen could have presented itself to be much better than this picture shows. Lastly, it's bad enough that the picture shows the family pet, but in the background it shows a family member as well! Rarely is there an appropriate time to include an animal in a marketing picture let alone actual residents. 

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