Animals of the MLS

Do you ever get the feeling like you're being watched? We have a lurking hound in this week's edition of Animals of the MLS. How sad does our furry friend look peering from the outside longing to be a part of the activity going on? It makes you want to walk right over to that sliding glass door and let him in. You can imagine his excitement if the agent taking these photos would have ventured over towards him. You can bet his tail would have been wagging and he would have been jumping with enthusiasm hoping he was about to invited back in to his domain from which he had been temporarily banned.  

Although he appears to be a good boy just patiently waiting for his opportunity to join in on the fun going on inside that doesn't mean he would behave himself once let in. Almost every pet owner likes to think of their animals as well behaved, however, it's always best to either kennel your pets during home showings or completely remove them if possible. Not all individuals are animal enthusiasts and may be intimidated at the thought of viewing a property with a pet present. 

As for the pictures of the room itself there are some minor improvements that could have been done. First of all, you can tell the agent used a high quality camera with a nice filter to add visual appeal, however, the coloring of the filter used gives the entire room a very orange hue. It doesn't help that most of the furniture and flooring have a similar stained finish which tends to blend everything together in the room. The painting on the wall and the richly colored bedspread add some nice dynamics but the bed, nightstands, chest, and dresser are big and bulky. This is where a professional stager comes in to play. They can help arrange and minimize furniture so that a buyer gets a true sense and scope of the size and the space of the room. 

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