Animals of the MLS

We've got a peeping Tom, or should I say, a peeping pooch in this week's edition of Animals of the MLS. Ears perked, and patiently waiting for someone to let him inside so he can be a part of the action, this curious canine is trying his best to figure out why he's been relegated to the back yard. I'm sure he wasn't kept banished for very long, but you can imagine all of the tail wagging and excitement that ensued when the home owners finally allowed him to join the family again once this agent's photo shoot was complete. 

This appears to be a larger breed of dog, which can be intimidating to many individuals who aren't a fan of dogs or pets in general. Even though most pet owners would swear their animals are well behaved, it's always best to completely remove pets from the premises if possible for showings or at the very least have them kenneled. There are still plenty of individuals who are afraid of dogs and might not even include your home on the list of possibilities if they know a dog is present.  

As for the picture of the kitchen area itself, there certainly are a few adjustments that could have been made by the agent and owner to make this photo more appealing to prospective buyers. First, the actual picture is crooked which could have easily been fixed in photo editing. The room also seems a bit lifeless. It certainly doesn't inspire anyone to want to spend time there preparing meals and having this be the hub of activity within the house. This is where professional staging would have come in to play. A stager would have added color, and appeal to this area of the home making it much more inviting to prospective buyers. 

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