Animals of the MLS

We're going back to the feline variety in this week's edition of Animals of the MLS. This tabby is front and center for all of the action going on in their domain. They weren't about to let a stranger roam through their home without a personalized guided tour. I bet this curious kitty followed this agent from room to room brushing up against their legs just begging for treats and attention.

Interesting to note that this cat almost perfectly blends in to it's surroundings. There are some home owners who go above and beyond to cater to their pets but subconsciously I'm not sure these home owners are aware that even their house decor has become a reflection of the love of their precious pet. There are generally two kinds of cats when it comes to showing homes. The kind that will run and hide the instant a stranger enters the home and the kind that will want to be your best friend the entire time you're at the property. This one seems to be the latter. 

As for the picture of the living area itself, there certainly are a few adjustments that could have been made by the agent and owner to make this photo more appealing to prospective buyers. First, the furniture overpowers the room. It's big and bulky and takes up way too much space making the area seem smaller than it actually is. Secondly, there's way too much clutter and total overall decorations. Hiring a professional stager would have done wonders to make this room far more appealing to prospective buyers. 

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