Animals of the MLS

This week's edition of Animals of the MLS features two best friends ready to play. Relegated to the backyard for this photo shoot they are curious as to when they'll get to join in on the fun. One of our furry friends even has his favorite ball in his mouth eager for someone to come out and throw it for him! I can only imagine the energy created when these two are feeling feisty!

These are a larger breed of dog, which can be intimidating to many individuals who aren't a fan of dogs or pets in general. Even though most pet owners would swear their animals are well behaved, it's always best to completely remove pets from the premises if possible for showings or at the very least have them kenneled. There are still plenty of individuals who are afraid of dogs and might not even include your home on the list of possibilities if they know a dog is present.  

As for the picture of the living area itself, there aren't many redeeming qualities in which to speak. First off, it's grainy and blurry so it's difficult to even make out much detail.Secondly, there really isn't anything in the picture featuring the actual room since the dogs are front and center. The walls are bare and the decor that is present is all of one neutral color so there isn't any life in this space. Professional photos and the assistance of a home stager most definitely would have helped this home owner showcase their property much better. 

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