What I learned in Real Estate this week - 10/11/15

I recently shared with everyone that I finally became a teaching broker at the Arizona Academy of Real Estate. I have now officially taught six classes over the past three weeks and I could not be more excited about this next phase of my real estate career. However, it didn't take very long for me to experience my very first difficult student. 

I pride myself in being able to keep cool under pressure. When a real estate transaction is starting to come unraveled I can strap on my heels, get down and dirty, and save even the darkest of deals. Any time I catch a mistake by one of my agents, I can always remain positive and reassuring when I need to discuss the correction with them. New agents have a tendency to get defeated when they receive a call from me regarding an issue I have with something they've done wrong, and seasoned agents can immediately go on the defensive when I need to bring an error to their attention...read more

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