Animals of the MLS

This weeks featured guest on Animals of the MLS is exhausted! After a long day of chasing birds in the backyard it looks like our feline friend hit a little cat nip then headed for their favorite sleeping spot. By the looks of things I'm not sure anything less than a stampeding herd of buffalo would awaken this kitty. Having a stranger in the room snapping pictures wasn't even enough to get so much as an ear twitch or a head lift. If only I could sleep this carefree I'd have plenty of energy to tackle the day.  

Usually cats prefer a darker more confined space to sleep but this cozy cat found a perfectly suitable substitute choosing a soft comforter instead. If I was a betting girl I'd say this is a lap cat that gladly curls up with their owner on the couch any chance they get. Sweet dreams kitty! 

As for the picture of the room itself it leaves a lot to be desired. The early 90's brass floor lamp, bedspread, and nightstand don't give off the impression that this home has been updated recently. The walls are bare giving off a very cold and uninviting feeling. There is good lighting and high ceilings in this room but the photo is so narrowly focused it's hard to get an idea of it's size. Proper staging and a wide angle lens would have done wonders to bring life in to this otherwise boring room. The homeowner could have even taken it one step further by investing a small amount of time and money in to painting the room a neutral yet soothing color.