Homes for Sale in Gilbert, Arizona with No HOA

Home Owners Associations can be a very positive and necessary component to a neighborhood. They ensure cleanliness of the streets and sidewalks. In some subdivisions that have common green belt areas, parks, and playgrounds, they are in charge of trimming trees, grass, bushes, and the upkeep of the playground equipment. 

Your neighborhood Home Owners Association will also establish the rules and laws in regards to the appearance of front yards throughout the community which will maintain the integrity and manicured look of the entire subdivision. Did your neighbor share with you their desire to paint the exterior of their home a bright yellow? Well think again! Exterior paint colors must be approved by the HOA as well as most visual exterior home changes. 

Home Owners Associations do come with extra monthly or quarterly fees which are not negotiable and are required of you to pay if you choose to move in to a neighborhood that is managed by an HOA. Most homes currently built in Gilbert, Arizona are in subdivisions managed by Home Owners Associations, however, there are still many resale homes that are more