Who's Really #1?

Have you ever noticed in advertising and marketing everyone is always touting the fact that they're #1? Every local news station will tell you that they have the most watched news segment and the best news coverage. All the major car manufacturers have commercials that tell tales of some prestigious award that was bestowed upon them for winning first place by some magazine or vehicle rankings company. We have #1 Mom,  #1 Dad, and #1 Grandparent T-shirts, mugs, hats, and accessories yet I know a number of parents and grandparents who's parenting skills are more in line with the bottom of the barrel than the cream of the crop. How do parents determine who's actually #1? If two dads walk in to a room both wearing #1 Dad monikers do they instantly square off to determine who has proper rule?

Every motion picture that graces the big screen tells us they're the #1 movie in theaters by someones measure. I've frequented multiple coffee shops that all tout they have the best tasting coffee in the area. I wonder if they all know that about each other. It's not hard to determine how all of these businesses arrive at the conclusion that they're the pinnacle of their industry. Anytime you see a declaration of dominance you simply have to read the fine print. There is almost always an asterisk accompanying a #1 designation which will tell you that a local coffee shop was voted the best tasting coffee according to a survey of 30 people that regularly purchase their morning mug at that same establishment. Well of course these folks would vote their preferred purveyor of caffeinated beverage as the best! 

We see this a lot in the real estate industry as well. I see advertisements for agents and brokerages all claiming they are #1 but what does that mean? They can't all possibly be the best. What are they the best at and by what measure are they using?...read more

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